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Iolausian Video Archives

Are you looking for Michael's appearances on video tape and can't seem to find anyone who has them? Well, we have an answer for you:

The Iolausian Video Archives are now available


A Note about tape quality and formats
Movie list
Television list
Interviews and little bits
Other videos of interest
List of Volunteers
Tape Tree lists

INSTRUCTIONS: If you find something on this list that you would like to see, Choose one of the volunteers off the list appearing at the end of this message and send them a private e-mail including:
1: What videos you are interested in obtaining copies of.
2. The speed at which you would like them recorded (2 hours per tape or SP, 6 hours per tape or EP for North America)
3. your e-mail address

The volunteer will reply to your message with further instructions.

NOTE: Some of these videos may be unsuitable for younger viewers, please consider this when you make your request and choose your viewing options wisely. The volunteers reserve the right to refuse to make copies.

A note about quality and formats: While most of the programs described are good quality and make good copies, some of them are of lesser quality and appear to be grainy to some degree or another. This is partially due to them being copies of copies. Particularly affected are the programs that have had to be converted from the PALS format used in some parts of the world. The American video standard (NTSC) is inferior (less lines of resloution) to the European standard (PALS) and so we lose a little extra resolution when we have to have the tapes converted between standard formats. We are in the process of upgrading the quality of existing copies of some of these items. This will take some time.


Desperate Remedies (apx 90 min) Also staring: Jennifer Ward Lealand, Kevin Smith, Lisa Chappell and others. Warning: There are graphic sex scenes and nudity. [available to purchase at]

Death Warmed Up (apx 90 min) Warning: Minor nudity and a sex scene in the back of a car and lots of brain operations and bloody horror type stuff. [available to purchase at]

Dangerous Orphans (apx 90 min) Also staring Jennifer Ward Lealand This one's safe for most ages.

The Footstep Man (apx 90 min) Also staring Jennifer Ward Lealand Warning: Some nudity and sex scenes and language.

Typhon's People (3 hours or 90 min depending on the version) Also stars Lucy Lawless

Maze of the Minotaur (90 min)

I'll Make You Happy (90 min) also staring Jody Rimmer, Jennifer Ward Lealand, Lucy Lawless (cameo)


Ray Bradbury Theater - The Long Rain (30 min)

Ray Bradbury Theater - The Toynbee Convector (30 min)

Give Us A Clue (Michael) (30 min) New Zealand game show where celebs are asked to play charades, men against women. Michael is an incredible charades player. Also includes Gary McCormick

Give Us A Clue (Michael and Jennifer) (30 min) Another episode of the show this time Michael and Jennifer both are among the guests and on opposite teams. Also includes Gary McCormick

Give Us A Clue - X-mas (1 hour) Christmas Special with Michael and Jennifer. Also includes Gary McCormick, Poor Quality (if anyone thinks that they have a better copy of this, please notify Ceryndip.)

Give Us A Clue - New July 27, 1999(30 minutes) New episode guesting both Michael and Jennifer

Highwater (1 hour) Michael plays Hugh, an advertising exec who does pet commercials. He ends up in a small town where he buys a local inn and plans to turn it into the next playground for his rich friends. Only the town doesn't want it and takes steps.

Duggan - A Shadow of Doubt (2 hours) Two episodes of this New Zealand crime series staring both Michael and Jennifer.

The New Adventure of Black Beauty - Birdman (30 minutes) Michael plays a mysterious man who's come to spy on Manfred.

This is It 2000 (60 min) Several segments of this millenium special were shown on NZTV: birth of Christ, moas, arrival of the waka, scientific and industrial revolutions, finale, fireworks, Michael saying goodbye and thanks for coming.

The Hercules movies. (All but Maze of the Minotaur are currently available for ordering at most local video outlets and some book stores or through, please buy them if you are able to as the sales of these videos will enourage the powers that be to release more of them.)

All the Hercules episodes [List of titles is available at: Ceryndip's Sanctuary]

All Young Hercules episodes (not just the one episode that Michael was in. So far, Michael has only appeared as Charon in A Lady From Hades.) [List of titles is available at: Ceryndip's Sanctuary]


Short Takes - Dark Tales - (2 hours) collection of independent short films: Including "I'm So Lonesome I could Cry" (Stars Jennifer and Directed by Michael, he is not in it), Snap - Danielle Cormack and Erik Thomson, A Game With No Rules - Jennifer and Danielle. Warning: some of these films are disturbing and they are not for minors. Some contain nudity, graphic sex or language inappropriate for younger viewers. Michael's film alone runs 15 minutes and would be fine for any age to watch.

Entertainment Tonight segment on Sidekicks (purple man) (3-5 min) Michael gets purple and shows us the purple makeup as he's slathering it on. 1 -16-1996

2 Lion Red Beer Commercials (3 min) The original commercial with the whole song! and a later commercial where Michael just appears in the bar.

The Great Debate (1 hour) Michael participates in a celebrity debate. The topic is "Is it folly to be wise?". Also includes Gary McCormick

New Zealand 20/20 segment about Hercules and Xena ( 15-20 min) A segment about the making of Herc and Xena around Auckland when most of the country didn't know they were there. This aired in NZ the week the videos of the movies were released and announced their presence to the country. Michael and Kevin talk about their action figures and how "realistic" they are. Kevin flat doesn't like his and says so.

New Zealand Tree Lighting (Michael and Kevin) (5 min) Michael and Kevin were asked to light the Christmas Tree in 1996 at the Christmas In the Park special. They had some silly dialogue about Michael coming on the bus and leaving the mighty sword of Hercules behind. Kevin came in a limo. Yadda, yadda, yadda. It's cute.

NZ Special on Fatherhood - (5 minutes) Michael's bit only

Hercules/Xena special on E! (1 hour) Making of special. Lot's of bits of this and that, short interviews with all 4 actors. We see Kevin and Michael hamming it up behind the scenes.

New Zealand Insider (Fame interview) (1 hour) a show that interviewed lots of New Zealand actors about their problems dealing with fame. Michael and Jennifer are interviewed several times in the course of the show as topics changed. Gary McCormick also appears.

E! News Daily San Fran con. interview with Michael and Renee ( 3-4 min) Michael talked briefly about his nervousness and we see a clip of him on stage with little Jack and a little of the autograph signing. Renee ditto.

Bloopers from TV's Mega Bloopers and Practical Jokes and TV's Censored Bloopers (8 min max) a few bloopers from the show with Michael and Kevin. Kevin intro'd the segment and one blooper from another special.

ET Weekend 11-16-97 (1 hour) On the set of Xena mostly. Lot's of making of kind of stuff. Xena was filming "The Bitter Suite". They talked to Tapert about popping the question. Michael is interviewed in a studio at an editing board probably in LA. He talks about playing Widow Twankey and the corssett and the sand bag breasts. He also mentions the SF con. The audience shots were not from the San Fran con.

How'd They do That (10 min) Making of "Lady and the Dragon" Iolaus appears in clips from the episode, they do not actually talk to Michael.

Good Morning New Zealand (10 min) Michael appeared as the Guest Video Reviewer

Look Who's Famous Now (30 minutes) Special showcasing the first appearances of many New Zealand celebrities. Including Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward Lealand, Kevin Smith, Lisa Chappell and others.


NOTE: These items do not have Michael in them.

Coca Cola Christmas Special 1997(1 hour 45 min) Lucy Lawless sings "O Come Emmanuel", Jennifer Ward Lealand and Kevin Smith sing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and they all participate in "The 12 Days of Christmas"

Coca Cola Christmas Special 1998 (2 hours) Jennifer Ward Lealand sings in several numbers. Lucy Lawless sings two numbers.

Kevin Smith's Band, The Wide Lapels, sing "Kung Fu fighting" (5 min)

Kevin Smith interviewed by Gary McCormick (10 min)

Mt. Dew on the Edge (10 min) Kevin Smith swinging off a bridge.

Pantomine Dames (1 hour) A British documentary about the phenomenon of men playing women's parts in children's plays.

FX: The Series "Vigilante" (60 min) An episode guest staring Kevin Smith as a drug kingpin that gets out of paying for his crimes so our heroes have to bring him down.

Doom Runner (90 min) stars Dean O'Gorman. A group of kids from a devastated society try to reach New Eden, a legendary promised land, but they have to get past General Kao (Tim Curry) first.

Rogue Stallion (90 min apx) Stars a very, very young Dean O'Gorman movie about a young girl who befriends a wild stallion and has to convince the local ranchers in New Zealand that they shouldn't kill him for tearing down their fences. Dean plays the rancher's youngest son. 1991

Return to Treasure Island (2 hours) stars Dean O'Gorman and others recognizable as bit players in Hercules.

Full Frontal (1 hour each episode) 3 episodes of this Saturday Night Live like series co-starring Jennifer Ward Lealand.

E! Around the World Special 4-3-98 (1 hour) Greg Agnew visits the Xena set and talks to Lucy and Renee, Greg becomes an extra on Hercules, Greg visits the Hercules set and interviews Kevin Sorbo, Greg visits the Young Hercules set and interviews Ryan Gosling. No Iolaus or Michael anywhere in sight.

Ray Bradbury Theater- By the Numbers (30 min) stars Erik Thomson

Ray Bradbury Theater - Fee Fi Foe Fum (30 min) stars Lucy Lawless

Give Us A Clue - 5 more episodes (30 min each)
2 episodes with Kevin Smith,
2 episodes with Karl Urban
1 episode with Jay what's his name who plays Draco

Kiwi Comedy Hour - 2 episodes with Kevin Smith (30 min each)
Double Booking

Give Us A Clue - New from July 1999 (30 minutes) This episode guesting Dean O'Gorman

Lawless (2 hours) Movie staring Kevin Smith playing an undercover cop who gets in too deep. Excellent crime drama

Scared Scriptless (2 - 30 minute episodes) We have two episodes of this NZ series (think What's My Line?) with Kevin Smith guesting

NOTE: Some of these videos may be unsuitable for younger viewers, please consider this when you make your request and choose your viewing options wisely. The volunteers reserve the right to refuse to make copies.

This is a list of people who have volunteered to dub tapes for others. Please remember that these people are VOLUNTEERS and at times real life concerns may interfere with their ability to provide this service, there are only so many hours in the day. Please be willing to be patient with us as we will get behind from time to time. Reimbursement of some sort is expected but will not exceed the cost of the blank tapes and postage or replacement of the blank tapes.

The list of volunteers contains people who can dub all the items on the list and those who only have episodes of H:tLJ available to dub. If you only want episodes of Hercules please ask one of the volunteers who only have these available first so the other volunteers will be free to dub the other Michael videos.

If any one volunteer gets more requests than they can handle the other volunteers will take up the extra, so do not be surprised if you request from one volunteer and hear back from another. Also, if the volunteer you have chosen doesn't have a particular video, your request will be referred to a volunteer to does and they will contact you about it.

If you live outside North America, there is also a list of volunteers in other parts of the world available to dub things. Please check to see if there is one in your part of the globe and send them a private message inquiring about what they have to offer. If you must have PALS copies and cannot find a volunteer, e-mail Ceryndip as she has the ability to make and convert between the formats or she will find someone to do it for you. (

Archives: (these people have most of the list above. if they don't have what you need, they will forward your request to someone who does.)

Adrianne (Illinois)
Callisto (Kansas)
Ceredwyn (Missouri)
Cinderella (Germany)[PALS only]
Ellen R. (New York)
Electra (Washington St.)
Kade (Georgia)
Klio (Australia)[PALS only]
Thalya (Illinois)

Volunteers for dubbing Hercules episodes only:

Ceridwen (UK) [MH episodes - PALS only]

Lauri - Red Wind (Iowa) [MH episodes only]
Linda (Canada) [MH episodes only]
Garysevn (Texas) [all episodes]
Janet (Florida) [MH episodes only]
Kithara (Kansas) [MH episodes only and all of 5th season]
Kyrn (Mississippi)

If you would like to volunteer to dub tapes for others, please e-mail Ceryndip for more information. We'll take all the help we can get. (

This website and it's contents are not intended to violate any copyrights.Including those owned by Renaissance, Universal, or MCA. No profit has been or will be made from any video tapes listed on this website.