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The Real Legendary Journeys

These are the stories of a time long ago…

A time of myth and legend, when the Earth was still young. The ancient gods were petty and cruel, and they played mankind for their sport, plaguing them with suffering, besieging them with terrors. For centuries, the people had nowhere to turn-no one to look to for help-until he arrived. He was a man like no other, born of a beautiful mortal woman but fathered by Zeus, King of the Gods. Hercules possessed a strength the world had never seen, a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. But everywhere he went, he was tormented by his stepmother, Hera-the all-powerful Queen of the Gods. Hera’s eternal obsession was to destroy Hercules, for he was the constant living reminder of Zeus’ infidelity. Despite her constant harassment, no matter the obstacle, as long as there were people crying for help, he would never rest…

But, the demigod did not stand alone. Regardless of the dangers, one courageous mortal stood with the Son of Zeus, to face evil and destroy the wicked, to safeguard the innocent and stand for hope in adversity. That mortal was Iolaus of Thebes, son of Skouros, the Golden Hunter, champion charioteer, valiant warrior, the loyal heart-brother to Hercules …a mortal who inspired others with his example and who would one day come to be honoured and worshiped as a god in his own right…

These are the stories of their adventures, the stories of myth and legend that inspire through the ages-the stories of a friendship that knew no bounds between two heroes who walked side by side and stood together, back to back, to bravely defend the helpless from whatever evil threatened…

Coming in September

The Real Legendary Journeys

A virtual series which will rewrite history and right what once went wrong.

It's going to be all new! Improved! with additional scenes, changed endings, more heroics, more drama, and occasionally more angst and maybe even a few additional episodes that have never been seen before!

Brought to you by some of your favorite fan fiction writers and this time around, you know you can trust us with the fates and lives of our favorite heroes.

Did you ever watch an episode of Hercules and wish that the powers that be had done something differently? Ever wonder what might have happened if Iolaus hadn't been killed here or if Xena hadn't slept with Hercules there, or if the whole Dahok thing had gone down differently? Well, now's your chance to find out how it could have been.

This time WE are in charge!

So, stay tuned, keep your hands off that remote and watch this space for further developments.

Episodes will air on the Goldapple Bard's List every Tuesday evening and on this website every Friday evening beginning in mid September.

Season 1:

1. Amazon Women by Arianna
2. Circle of Fire by Melinda
3. In Sickness and In Health by Ceryndip
4. Underworld by Owlharp
5. Maze of the Minotaur by Melisande
6. Beyond the Eastern Horizon by Arianna
7. Wrong Path by Rhiannon
8. Eye of the Beholder by Caro
9. Road to Calydon by Margui
10. As Darkness Falls by Quietwolf
11. March to Freedom by Owlharp
12. Ares by Quietwolf
13. Festival of Dionysus by Bwell
14. Pride Comes Before A Brawl by Sandman
15. Gladiator by Sandman
16. Vanishing Dead by Kelandra
17. Strife by Skylark and Melinda
18. Warrior Princess by MaryE and Rielle
19. Gauntlet by Rielle and MaryE
20. Unchained Hearts by Rielle and MaryE

This is a big job and what we need most right now are writers. If we can get enough writers signed on, we'll each only have to write one or two episodes a season. That's an amount that won't overwhelm anyone's schedule. SO don't be afraid to volunteer. It's your duty to the fans and Herc and Iolaus to help right these wrongs and fix these inconsistencies.

If you'd like to sign on, just email Ceryndip and we'll get you and your muse excited and back to writing again like never before.

We've always heard that we could do better than they did, now's our chance to put our pens to the task and show them how it's done and done well.

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